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iKeyFinder is the #1 Rated key finder for Android phones!

  • Only $19.99 (Limited a time only!)
  • Comes with FREE Android Application
  • Fully functional on all Android phones, both old and new
  • Built in retrieval service and registration feature

hot to find your lost keys

Finding your lost keys has never been easier!

iKeyFinder - Click and Find key finder for Android Phones

What is the iKeyFinder ?

The iKeyFinder is a innovative new key finder with built in key retrieval service.

Why use the iKeyFinder ?

Losing your keys and being late for school or work is a thing of the past!

What the iKeyFinder is NOT

The iKeyFinder is unlike any other key finder device on the planet.


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How Does It Work ?

Watch the Video Demo

Locating your lost keys has never been easier!

Simply open the iKeyFinder application on your Android phone and click the "Locate Keys" button. This button will activate a loud alarm allowing you to easily locate your misplaced keys.

What Are People Saying?

Product Testimonials. Never lose your keys again !

"I'm finally able to find my car keys and make it to work on time in the morning!"

Alex Garcia

"Your invention definitely comes through for me whenever I need it."

Leslie Strong

"Thank you for solving my daily mission of finding my lost car keys."

Kristal Petersen

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